Trapper's   of   Starved   Rock
St. Charles, Missouri
Beadwork is a very
tedious                    craft.  It requires
patience, skill,           a very good eye
and not only an           understanding
of what you're                doing but
what it represents.                 Suzanne
may have an edge on most people
who do beadwork.  When you have
Choctaw, Cherokee, Delaware and
Lumbee Indian in your heritage, the
understanding, the eye and the art of
beadwork will be instinctive.   For over
20 years Suzanne has  taken her craft
and made some of the most beautiful
designs, but has kept with her
heritage and crafted beadwork that
represents the Native Indian.  
Through a variety of styles, including
Ojibwe loom, Applique, Lazy stitch and
Rosette styles, Suzanne creates her
beadwork, but she is always looking
for different techniques to further her
craft skills.  Among the many pieces of
beadwork she has made includes
Beaded Necklaces, Rosettes, Garters,
Collars, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings,
Hatbands, Trim, Purses, Barrettes,
Fans, Moccasins......just about
anything that involves beadwork, is
period and represents the Native
Indian.   She even makes Shawls that
give a very unique look to period
clothing.   Suzanne travels to several
states, each year, to participate in
various Pow-Wows, making  
Pow-Wow regalia.   Attending and
participates in many Rendezvous,  
Suzanne shows flat-landers her work
and what it takes to get to the finished
product.  If you're interested in
Suzanne's beadwork, you can contact
her by e-mail at: