Trapper's   of   Starved   Rock
Gary Fiedler
Scrimshaw Artist - Horner
Doing scrimshaw on a powder horn was not
the first work of art that Gary has done.  In
fact it wasn't until Gary got interested in
muzzleloading and going to rendezvous that he
decided to take his artistic skill to a powder
horn.  Gary's artistic talent started when he
was in school.  His pencil drawings emerged
into pen & ink drawings, then colored pencil
drawings, to acrylic paintings and then, in
1976, Gary tried his first powder horn.   He
had looked at other scrimshaw artists work
and thought he could do just as good of a job
as they had done.  So he transfered his talent
from flat work to the powder horn.  That was
the beginning of a journey that has made Gary
one of the most sought after scrimshaw artists
in the country.  His scrimshaw work has
appeared in Muzzle Blasts magazine and
several of his horns are now on display in
museums.  For those who have had the
opportunity to have Gary do work for them, it
is definitely art that you have to see to believe
and a work of art that will be cherished for
many years.
Gary lives with his wife Penny along with two
dogs and a cat, just outside of Prairie Du
Rocher, Illinois.  After retirement, Gary will
have even more time to devote to an art that is
one of a kind.  
If you would like more information on Gary's
work or to have him do a project for you,
check out his web site.
St. Charles, Missouri