Trapper's   of   Starved   Rock
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History of
The Trapper's of Starved Rock
The Trappers of Starved Rock started as a club in 1974. At that time, the Trapper's
were known as the "Front Loaders".   This original name was derived from the
method used to load primitive firearms that the Trapper's used.  In September
1975 the first formal meeting was held and the name "Trapper's of Starved Rock"
was adopted. The name was taken from the name the Indians gave this area,
"Starved Rock" because food and hunting were scarce due to the westward
expansion of the white man.

The Trapper's started shooting as a club in 1974. The first club shoot, held in
October of 1975, was at the Daniel Boone Home in St. Charles County.  The
Trapper's continued to hold their Annual October Rendezvous shoot at the Daniel
Boone Home until 1990 when the Club moved to the Busch Wildlife area. The
Trapper's remained at the Busch Wildlife area until 1995.  At that time they moved
their Annual Fall Rendezvous to the beautiful, scenic valley at Sioux Passage Park
in North St. Louis County.  The Trappers held their last Rendezvous at Sioux
Passage in 2012. At this time the Trapper's will no longer hold a annual  
The Trapper's Monthly Club shoot is held the third Sunday of each month.

In July of 1976, the Trapper's became a Charter Affiliated club with the N.M.L.R.A.

Another of our Annual Events is the Trapper's Christmas Party, that also began in
1976.  The Party along with "The Cookie" auction, is a festive time no one should

The Trapper's of Starved Rock also actively work with civic organizations, school
groups, scouts and other organizations to promote the sport of muzzle loading,
the way of life in the 1700's to 1840 along with the interest in history of our great
Charter Club
St. Charles, Missouri
Membership Chairman
Randy Stratton

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